orquidia-violeta scream
  • Series: Portrait
  • Artform: flat
  • Medium: buttons, canvas, salvaged
  • Year: 2019
  • Dimensions: 15 × 16 inches
  • Statement: I want to invoke that feeling of SCREAMING! I did this piece that I want to let go of all the unknown things that are happening at this time. I feel like I am getting buried in this grim, chaotic world. I feel like I am losing control of my life---but I am not. In this piece that I took from salvaged upholstery fabric, two masked monkeys are lovers in a jungle of coffee. (The monkeys I added the mask this year)
  • Availability: available
  • Price: US$100
  • Artist: Orquidia Violeta
  • Photo 1: Aaron Kuehn