Vestido de Calaveras

Orquidia Violeta
Vestido de Calaveras, 2018
Sewn salvaged textiles
46 × 46 × 46 inches

The Calaveras, each unique, represent the women who died in El Salvador during the civil war (1980-1992)

1ST Place!!!

Portland Art Museum – Dia de Los Muertos Costume Contest 2018

Previously displayed at:

Guardino Gallery

Day of the Dead Show

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About Orquidia Violeta

Textile Artist

Orquidia Violeta is a Salvadoran-American textile artist known for her exuberant handmade clothing. Using vivid colors and contrasting textures, she creates inimitable wearable artwork with a joyful visual style and clever material design. Orquidia uses reclaimed materials and sustainable practices out of respect for humanity and the Earth. The beauty and diversity of the natural world inspires Orquidia to make unique works for unique people.

Selected Work

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