orquidia-violeta spirit-of-white-and-black orquidia-violeta spirit-of-white-and-black back orquidia-violeta spirit-of-white-and-black back-closeup
  • Spirit of White and Black
  • Series: Día de Muertos
  • Artform: costume, clothing, performance, sound
  • Type: obi, mask
  • Method: appliqué, sewing, embroidery
  • Medium: fabric, buttons, foam, canvas, shells, paper, thread, trim
  • Year: 2009
  • Statement: Inspired by Japanese Noh theater – devoted to the inner lives of ghosts. A Calavera Fashion show and Walking Altar performance at Tropico de Nopal (Los Angeles, CA), Ofrendas 2009. Live sound performance by Aaron Kuehn.
  • Availability: sold
  • Artist: Orquidia Violeta
  • Contributor: Aaron Kuehn, Andrea Rodriguez
  • Photo 1: Reyes Rodríguez – Tropico de Nopal
  • Photo 2: Reyes Rodríguez – Tropico de Nopal
  • Photo 3: Reyes Rodríguez – Tropico de Nopal
  • Video 1: Tropico de Nopal