orquidia-violeta the-cycle-of-life-and-death orquidia-violeta the-cycle-of-life-and-death with-orquidia-and-aaron
  • The Cycle of Life and Death
  • Día de Muertos
  • costume, performance, sound
  • sewing
  • fabric
  • 2006
  • For those who ride the cycle of life and death, day and night. The calaveras represent people who died riding bicycles. The calaveras wear warm winter caps and lobster gloves, and have 'chain-link' breast plates to protect them riding after death. A Calavera Fashion show and Walking Altar performance at Tropico de Nopal (Los Angeles, CA), Ofrendas 2006. Sound by: Aaron Kuehn
  • sold
  • Orquidia Violeta
  • Aaron Kuehn, Kashmere Silva, Ashley Moon, Amanda Kelly
  • Photo 1: Gil Ortiz - Tropico de Nopal
  • Photo 2: Gil Ortiz - Tropico de Nopal
  • Video 1: Tropico de Nopal