orquidia-violeta dragon-and-mermaid-under-water-in-the-willamette-river
  • Dragon & Mermaid Under Water in the Willamette River
  • Series: Fire on the Water
  • Artist: Orquidia Violeta
  • Artform: flat
  • Method: appliqué, beadwork, dyeing, embroidery, sewing
  • Medium: beads, buttons, canvas, fabric, feathers, found-objects, lace, woven, upholstery, trim, shells
  • Year: 2020
  • Statement: This would be my third year doing The Dragon Boat Art Show in May. The pandemic took over our lives. I did this piece to shield me from the truth. I used everything in my studio/bedroom like: buttons, feathers, bottle cap, pearls, earrings, medallion, shells, and salvaged encapsulated in mesh all items were found in the Willamette River, even the plastic unicorn.