Buscar (Look For)

orquidia-violeta buscar-look-for
  • Buscar (Look For)
  • Tianguis
  • flat
  • dyeing, beadwork, embroidery, weaving, sewing
  • canvas, fabric, feathers, found-objects, salvaged, thread, upholstery, woven
  • 2023
  • 16 × 18 inches
  • As her hands deftly manipulate cedar strips into a basket, her gaze ascends to the heavens. A shooting star streaks across the sky, mirroring her creative spark. This artwork embodies cultural richness, nature's beauty, and the timeless act of crafting, all interwoven in a single mesmerizing moment.
  • available, contact for price and purchasing
  • Orquidia Violeta